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Welcome to Organic Aromatherapy, where we harmonise your vibrational energy with holistic well-being. Discover our expanded chakra system through the interactive chakra man to your right. For personalised insights, request your free reading below. Join us in embracing the quantum journey towards vibrational healing.

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As energy beings, we are a vibrational expression of vibrational energy which responds to other vibrations of energy.

All our work is in service to those who require support and healing vibes.

The colourful chakra person (on this page) shows the locations in the body and aura of the 18 major chakras (valves) that we use. Find the coloured dot that is closest to your area of pain/discomfort/concern. This will guide you to a solution.

There are hundreds of chakras joined together by nadis (energy connecting lines) and connected to the nervous system at the plexuses. Emotion is directly hot-wired to health at these points. The 18 chakras shown on this page are the most important ones. Here on this site (in our shop) we also address the main meridians and organs.

If you need more guidance, simply apply above to get a free reading from Sarah.

Once you have found the chakras that are dis-affecting your wellbeing, you can shop for the associated chakra balancing creams.

All the products here have been channelled to Sarah by her spiritual team of 22, and are made with love in England. They carry the vibration of “Love and Gratitude” and are available in two sizes. You only need a little, which will work within seconds to dissolve any blockages allowing the body to heal itself.

We thank you for visiting us here and hope you enjoy perusing our informative website.

Sarah Williams began Organic Aromatherapy as a single mum back in 1995, shortly after re-training as an aromatherapist and body masseuse after her daughter was born. Since then, stepping off the “hamster wheel”, she has trained in many modalities from the Shamanic, through the Angelic Realms and Ascended Masters to the Galactic families of the Light, always sourcing from the Highest Light for the Highest good. She has also travelled widely, performing ceremony and placing crystals in the grids of Gaia for nearly 25 years, focusing mainly on UK, Mexico and Bali.

She has written many published articles over the years and holds regular ceremonies, courses and prayer groups.

Sarah is a quantum healer/energy specialist, light-weaver, multidimensional cosmic traveller, teacher/lecturer and medical intuitive, offering support, cosmic soul guidance from this and parallel dimensions, past life information when appropriate, since 1995, in this lifetime!. She also offers free soul readings and longer consultations and courses/workshops. She can see timelines and alternate frequencies and possible timelines.

In 2011, she trained in the ancient wisdom of the Munay Ki and since then has been sharing soul upgrades in the form of 9 ancient Rites from the Laika tribes in Peru originating from the Star-beings millenia ago. These sacred Rites are life changing in so many ways and are downloaded into our frequencies through sacred ceremony. They assist us to evolve from Homosapian (carbon-based) to Homo luminous (crystalline/silica based), upgrading our light bodies and shining as brightly as possible in our own uniqueness and divine beauty.

Sarah’s daughter, Bexie, is a co-director of Organic Aromatherapy. She started channelling healing energy when she was just 6 years of age and is a powerful galactic being. Now living in Bali rescuing animals, she has channelled and manifested a special bespoke range of gold and silver chakra balancing and protective Talismans. All the designs have been created “with love” in Sacred space by Indonesian craftsmen and women, are individually blessed, available in gold or silver in bracelet or necklace form and seem to have amazing powers! Very few are created so they are very unique.


We provide chakra readings free of charge. Get in contact with us today to request one!

    Welcome to Organic Aromatherapy

    Welcome to Organic Aromatherapy, your sanctuary for holistic health and high-vibrational wellness. Embark on a journey with us as we embrace the shift from the physical to the ethereal, offering you handcrafted vibrational healing tools designed to elevate your personal energy.

    Chakra Balancing Creams

    Discover our bespoke range of chakra balancing creams, each lovingly channelled and crafted to dissolve blockages and promote self-healing. Infused with the vibrations of “Love and Gratitude,” these creams are a testament to our commitment to your wellbeing.

    Meridian Range

    Explore our expanding Meridian range of creams, a harmonious blend of aromatherapy and ancient wisdom, addressing the five elements and 14 meridians to foster multidimensional healing.

    Our Story

    Founded by Sarah Williams, Organic Aromatherapy (OA) is a culmination of a journey that began in 1995 in a small kitchen in Surrey UK. 

    As a single parent, Sarah trained as an aromatherapist and masseuse in order to look after her daughter and escape her “hamster wheel “job in retail. Since then she has continued to train in many modalities including shamanic, angelic, ascended and galactic work and her expertise as a quantum healer, energy specialist, and medical intuitive is woven into the fabric of our offerings here. Sarah is currently based in England ( Heart and Earth Star chakras of Gaia) works with her daughter Bexie Williams, a powerful galactic being in her own right living in Bali ( Soul Star chakra of Gaia), Together they bring forth vibrational wellness and healing tools and bespoke sacred talismans designed by Bexie which have all been blessed and made with love within sacred space with beautiful frequencies ( sounds and music) which influence the gifts we offer. 

    Quantum Healing

    Experience transformative healing with our Quantum field Orynoco Wholeness Support Unit V4 ‘pod’, offering you immediate results and powerful remote transmissions. We can successfully transmit to you wherever you are with amazing results. Our holistic approach is tailored to support and guide you through your healing journey. Free trials are available.

    Sacred Talismans

    Adorn yourself with our exclusive collection of gold and silver chakra balancing and protective talismans. Handcrafted with love in sacred space by Indonesian artisans, these unique pieces are not just jewellery; they are powerful tools for protection and balance.

    Bubble Cleansing Meditation

    Daily Practice. 

    Detox, cleanse and clear your energy field to release anything heavy that’s not helpful for you in this ‘now’, sending it back to the Universe to be restored to the 5 elements of earth, air, fire, water and ether. All this over-lighted by the Archangels of the horizontal and vertical planes. Specifically removal of stuck souls, vows, curses, heavy entities, miasms , ancestral wounding, spells, hooks, darts, barbs, ‘hucha’, cords, attachments.