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Arthritis-Support - 15ml

Price: £22.00


Physical Support - Arthritis Support

Dissolves calcification and relieves pain

A simply brilliant de-calcifier of any area ,including the pineal gland (Third eye).
This cream is great for soothing existing osteo-arthritic pain caused when bones become calcified and stiff, usually around a joint.
Rheumatoid arthritis is best treated with  knitbone, as this helps to re-calcify the joints whilst soothing inflammation.

The essential oils also have an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action so help with pain relief.

Physical: This unique combination of essential oils helps the body to dissolve the calcification wherever it occurs. This can include literally dissolving gall, kidney and panceatic stones.

Psychological: The affected area reflects an emotional angst which when acknowledged can be relieved more quickly

Connected toBase and Thymic