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October Blog

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  • 24 Sep


September was an immensly intense month of change and evolution. Tough for so many who have been affected by the structural changes and shifts happening all around..ie our own own bodies transmuting more from carbon vehicles to crystalline units.
It's painful on many levels but our souls have signed up for this and we ARE able to do it.

 OCTOBER is set to be much more positive and intetions set in first 2 weks especially up to the full moon on 5th will be manifest and achieved much more than previously. Choose your perfect outcome and visualise it as already being yours. Then use your crown chakra balance to let go of control about how the Universe sends this gift to you.

Current ascension symptoms are blocked sinuses,dizziness/vertigo,muggy head, shoulder and neck pain, aching joints, affected eye sight slightly out of focus, unsettled tummies and emotional upsets. This inner turbuilance is reflected on the global scale and this is triggering reactions in us all to a greater ot lesser degree. Creams are available for all these individually but also I am finding that any easy fast help is applying Soma and Nervous System support creams daily if nothing else...

Our Divine Mother Earth is going through such an intense shudder and shift as you can see when you look around you.STRUCTURE everywhere has to crumple in order to be restructured at a higher frequency. This is what's happening globally and within our physical bodies.
The most important FREE tools for us all to remember are the immense power of the Ho’opoponou ( repeating the mantra " I Love you , I'm sorry, please forgive me , thankyou" to yourself) and the bubble cleanse meditation.
As without/so within. Be the change you are looking to see on this planet. Walk your talk, clear your own internal clutter and keep visualising positive outcomes.Get into nature, drink pleanty of water and sleep as much as you can/need to.It is an automatic DNA upgrade ..similar to a reboot on your personal technology. Rest is vital.

I suggest that you don’t feed the 3D fear matrix and stay focused instead on the 5D frequencies of bliss, joy and instant manifestation. Remember, we ARE what we vibrate..we attract what we are …be careful/aware with your dialogue, internal and external. I encourage you to take responsibility for your body, and our beloved mother planet.

 RAISING VIBRATIONS : I have just announced the brand NEW Raise your Vibration (RV 1-6) programme for 2017/18  please share with anyone who you feel may be interested.Fully repeatable for upgraded programme. The last courses held over prevoius years have all been upgraded. 

 3 new levels are now available. If you have already done the journey, then you’ll notice that it’s a new updated version, and fully repeatable for even more upgrades.

 MUNAY KI: Dream your new world into BEING  New courses commencing in November.

 CLEAN LIVING: Our personal planetary footprint is important to be aware of:

I am now sharing classes and events on clean living, safe use and supply of thrapeutic grade essential oils, nutrition, CLEAN house and personal care products and spreading the DoTerra opportunity far and wide as I am so excited to be a part of this global movement to healing the planet drop by drop.

I am sharing classes for those who want to know more.

FREE chakra recommendations for all those who want them..including Christmas present suggestions for your family and friends... click on blue bar on homepage. I can tune into any name and gift this to you with the higher selfs permission of course.

 Please let me know if I can be of any help. Remember, You CAN DO THIS...your soul signed up for it. Stay strong and surf these exciting waves of change taking us deeper into joy , bliss, fun, laughter and manifestation of our dreams. Welcome in 5D!!!

Much Munay and Ayni 

Sarah xxx



Raise your Vibration RV3 (NEW): Manifest Your Bliss

Advanced Energy Awareness Course :  Manifest your bliss!

This course is the next stage of development for those who have completed the first two Raise your Vibration courses. It is upgraded annually to accommodate the increased vibrations with latest wave of incoming Light frequencies and upgrades, DNA and merkaba upgrades take place.
We focus on further personal development, positive manifestation of a better life and better conditions, progressive healthcare and meditation, vibrational healing, energy clearance and the importance of mindfulness in daily life. We will be working with the Angelic realms and Ascended Masters as well as our own spiritual guidance teams. This course focuses on the Soma chakra, blending of divine masculine and feminine energies (kundalini) and the further activation of your third eye chakra (Ajna). We will also introduce the importance of sacred site energies. 

Course Objectives:

• To enhance your sense of awareness of clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience.
• To refine the balance and attunement of your expanded chakra energy system, advanced attunement of your third eye and aura.
• To upgrade your DNA and merkabah.
• To enable you to make effective use of vibrational tools and meditation.
• To enable the achievement peace and living mindfully.
• To re-discover your divine I AM presence.
• To” shift” your emotional body and raise your vibration as we move further into the 5th dimension and beyond.
• To refine your powers of positive manifestation that will be life changing!

Due to small group size please book early to avoid disappointment.

Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th August 2019
Investment £170 (14 study hours cpd)
£40 deposit required (non-refundable). Full payment by Friday 5th July 2019.

Venue: Bedhampton, Havant, Hampshire UK
Light refreshments/hot drinks included.

Booking Essential: Book Online here or call: 0844 357 9843/ 07710 994432/ 02392 453204

Testimonials :

"Sarah, you have a very special gift of being able to explain what are mind blowing concepts into easily understandable sound bites, thus making the knowledge you impart very accessible. I know you say that you are reminding us, but the sensitive, empathetic and indeed passion for what you do, makes it easier for us all to remember what we have forgotten! Thank you for your teachings and the warmth of your hospitality of your home, your openness and sharing epitomises what we are all working towards, operating from a loving, open heart with the bestest of intentions" Clare S Oct. 2015

"What a fabulous weekend! Visiting the ancient yew trees was so special, as was doing this work in a small group. Wonderful information and lovely gifts. Thank you." Kathryn H .

"I have had a wonderful 2 days, especially loved the mandala and felt a real connection with Mother Nature for the first time in this much depth. "Beverley G.

"I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to raise their vibration and feel alive and connected...it was just amazing! thank you Sarah" Joanne H.

Read the experiences of others here. This YouTube describes 5D...


Our Creams

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  • 05 Sep

The Creams

There are 18 Chakra Balancing Creams and 18 organ balancing/physical support creams to discover. They are vibrational tools which balance the energy of the chakras (valves) and vital organs and help to clear dis-ease. The latest addition is the Soma cream which took 2 years of development and testing to bring to you. It was released during a ceremony,during a very special galactic alignment,on 28th August 2013 at Avebury and is now being used regularly by 1000s of people worldwide, rom medical professionals and holistic therapists to individuals who love to feel well naturally.

All the creams have been developed to dissolve energy blockages in our systems within minutes, facilitating a natural flow of energy so that balance can be restored and our bodies can get on with the job of healing themselves. After all we have the DNA to create new DNA...so there is no reason to believe that our bodies can't heal themselves perfectly. We just have to remove any emotional and physical blockages to facilitate that natural process. This is where the creams come in.... "little pots of power" as they have been called.

The results are amazing!

"Using my knowledge of essential oils and psychoneuroimmunology, I have been spiritually guided to create these creams. They contain natural essential oils, specially chosen for their powerful healing effects which balance the energy of the chakras and major organs. The creams are wonderful angels, carrying healing and balance wherever they go." says Sarah.

More information is available to download in the two brochures below.

preview_brochure_organbalancing Soul Harmony Chakra Balancing preview_brochure_soulharmonychakra  Organ Balancing and Physical Support

We have used the technology of 'real time' Kirlian imagery (Aura Vision) to watch the action of the creams as they balance the chakras. Those who have witnessed this are very impressed with both speed and quality of effect! This aura image demonstrates the effect of Cosmic chakra cream on the luminous energy field....bringing white light in over the shoulders and "thinning the veil" between us and the spiritual realms.

The synergies take the form of Organ Support, Physical support and Soul Harmony Chakra Balancing Creams. The latter have been endorsed by the leading medical intuitive and author, Carolyn Myss PhD, who describes them as "simply wonderful".

All the creams are made by hand and blended in peaceful calm surroundings and made with love and the presence of angels.They all carry the vibration of "Love and Gratitude". These words are also written on the packaging as I am so impressed by the work and discoveries of Masuro Emoto with regards to the quality of water and the resulting molecules.

"From Mr Emoto's work we are provided with factual evidence, that human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet. Water is the very source of all life on this planet, the quality and integrity are vitally important to all forms of life. (www.masaru-emoto.net)

Humans are over 75% water. The body is very much like a sponge and is composed of trillions of chambers called cells that hold liquid. The quality of our life is directly connected to the quality of our water and the emotions affecting it.

Directions for use

Apply the Chakra Balancing and Organ Balancing Creams on the backs of each hand and up the forearms for ease.....or anywhere on your body (except the face). The essential oils will be quickly absorbed and taken by the bloodstream to the target areas.

Use creams twice daily for maximum benefit. You can use all the creams at the same time, and yes they can be put in same place too (ie backs of hands), as the essential oils in each synergy are collected by the blood and transported to the correct part of your energy system.

They are suitable for everyone over one year old. They are not advised for use during pregnancy, except for Labour Support.

For more details look at the details of each of the creams. 

The Olive Tree (Natural Therapy Rooms), 69a Wey Hill, Haslemere, GU27 1HN. 01428 654140.

Carrier cream ingredients
NOT tested on animals, paraben free. aqua, isopropyl palmitate, sorbitol, glyceryl stearate, ethylhexyl methoxyanriamate, dicetearyl dimer dilinoleate,steareth-2, cetyl esters, triethanolamine, phenoxyethanol, ceresin, mel carbomer, helianthus annuus seed oil, hydrolysed silk, steareth-20,benzylalcohol,PEG-100 stearate, ethylhexylglycerin, royal jelly, benzyl benzoate, dehydroacetic acid, hydroxycitronellal, limonine, geraniol, linalool, citronellol, cinnamyl alcohol, alpha-isomethyl, ianone, CI 14700.

Carrier cream ingredients (Vegan, organic)
Aqua, Aloe barbadensis (Organic Aloe leaf) extract, Helianthus annus (Organic Sunflower) Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii, (Organic Shea Butter), Cetearyl alcohol, Stearic acid, Cetyl alcohol, Glycerin, Theobroma cacao (Organic Cocoa Butter), Glyceryl stearate, Phenoxyethanol & Ethylhexyglycerin, Coco glucosides, Tocoherol, Sodium hydroxide, Phytic acid.

Learn what others have to say about our creams.


Creams & Treatments Feedback

What people are saying about our creams and treatments.

"These creams are simply wonderful" Caroline Myss Phd

"Where do u want me to start!! They are all wonderful! Calming, rebalancing, moving energetic blockages in the body, gorgeous aromas with so many health benefits, colleagues at work love the smell of the creams I use often commenting on them, my children use them, babies and toddlers love the base cream helping them to feel grounded, safe and so loved, clients symptoms improve with them, the animals love them, I reach for them whenever I feel out of sorts as well as using them daily.They are part of my daily life and I wouldn't be without them!" Kate B ( health professional) London UK 

"I don't start the day properly without them, and the evening ones take me to wonderful dreams" Fiona S UK 

" I simply love your creams and do not want to be without them. For me they are magical." Gerda. P.S
" A few years ago, I was trying to have a family and endured many miscarriages. My reflexologist suggested the sacral cream and it worked..just one pot and now I have 4 beautiful children! thank you so much for this cream" Abbey W Merseyside UK

" Stellar gate is my favourite cream, when I use this for meditation I have the most fantastic meditations and I am able to paint what I see it really is awesome.... On the the other side I then really need earth star to ground me again! :) they are just wonderful!" BY. Windsor

" I love Tranquility cream - because I need it! It is helping me feel less stressed at work and helping to ease the pain in my head/eye/jaw which is mostly due to stress." VS Swindon

"I adore Base Chakra Cream - I really need grounding at the moment and this helps me to feel the connection with the earth (sometimes use earth chakra cream too) and to keep grounded. And also to not worry so much about my future. "VS Swindon

"My favourite cream at the moment is Solar Plexus! Because I can picture bright yellow light entering into the solar plexus, and it gives me instant relief (from what, I don't know! )" AT. London

"Thank you for the DIY Backcare DVD and the sacral cream. They have worked miracles." A.S Kent
Relates to: DIY BackCare DVD

"I am thrilled to have discovered these creams. Two years ago I met Sarah at a health event and she encourage me to try her creams. At first I was sceptical. As a Kinesiology practitioner I muscle test for the correct solutions for my clients health issues, if the body doesn't want it, the item won't test. To my surprise the creams tested positively. I immediately started to use the creams in my clinic and my clients loved them. I also recommend that my students add them into their practice to ensure they are providing a truly whole-istic approach for their clients, as they simply and effectively balance the electro-magnetic energy fields of the body. These creams are a perfect daily solution to keeping the physical and energy body in balance. And if that's not enough they also smell divine! " Claire Snowden-Darling Health Practitioner and Kinesiology Lecturer
Relates to: Kinesiology Test Kits

"I can thoroughly recommend the gall bladder support cream by organic aromatherapy. Since using it I have had no indigestion pain or biliousness. Before discovering the curative properties of this cream I was in agony with the pain from my gallstones. I also use the Solar Plexus Cream which has been extremely helpful whilst I have been dealing with personal stress. The creams are worth every penny and I never want to run out!" Janet T.W. Sussex.
Relates to: Gall Bladder Support

"When I had my first QMA scan it showed my liver was excessivly fatty". I decided not to change my diet, excercise or alcohol consumption instead I used the Liver Support Cream and the Throat Cream, 2 x day religiously. 1 month later I was re-scanned and my liver is normal...now I use the creams 2-3 times a week to maintain a healthy liver. I have also proven this course of treatment with many of my clients.It works!" S Williams.
Relates to: Liver Support

"About five years ago Sarah introduced me to her Organic Aromatherapy creams. It soon became clear that I seemed to be benefitting from most of them. One really stood out for me - the anti-inflammatory cream which, over the months, has done so much to help my neuropathic nerve pain. I use this several times a day, and as far as I can work out it is not a placebo - sometimes I forget to gently apply it before I get up. A short while later I'm wondering why I'm starting to 'burn-up' a lot more quickly than usual." P.H.Surrey
Relates to: Anti-Inflammatory

"I used the labour support cream in the final stages of labour. There came a moment when I just KNEW I needed it! The midwife rubbed it into my lower back and as it touched my skin an incredible warmth spread over me.The smell of the oils filled the room giving me such strength and comfort. I remember thinking that if I'd had any doubts about the power of the cream before, they were totally gone now! I cannot believe the wonderfully positive effect that it had, it smelled divine and radiated around us in the birthing area." AM, West Sussex
Relates to: Labour & Birth Support

"Divine! Beautifully packaged. Smells gorgeous. Lovely texture. Probably works as I dealt with the accounts problems after using it! I adore it and will be using pots as small gifts for our customers. I know they will love it as much as I did" Karen Watkins. Nutritional Therapist & founder at Mineralcheck.com
Relates to: Ultimate Stress Relief

"I had a huge tension at the back of my head, and top of neck which made me feel really agitated and dizzy. My vision was odd...sometimes double, and when I turned my head it seemed to take time to refocus my eyes, a horrible feeling and disorientating too. I was starting to really worry about my sight. Admittedly, I was feeling very tense about life in general, with lots of family and work stresses. I saw the alta major cream online and decided to give it a try. The tension released, my eyes felt normal again and I couldn't believe how quickly this happened once I started to apply the cream twice a day. Now I use it whenever I feel a whisper of tension at the back of my head/neck. It was such a relief to realise that I wasnt losing my eyesight! Thank you so much" Melanie W
Relates to: Alta Major

"Hi Sarah, I just wanted to say thank you for the healing and guidance you have given me on my visits to you for treatment. As you know, I came to you experiencing anxiety and panic attacks and I can honestly say I feel totally different now. I can drive with confidence and through your treatments and using the creams I now feel a stronger connection with something much greater which gives me real comfort. I can feel the creams working as soon as I put them on and they smell wonderful. I have also been using your base cream on my two little ones and we no longer have the big emotional scenes when I drop them at nursery. The base cream as you suggested makes them much more grounded and secure little souls. I am recommending your creams to everyone: Laura D. Hants
Relates to: Base

"My creams arrived, and they really are beautiful. since I was having problems with my chest/shoulder/neck, I used COSMIC first. I tried the pendulum above my shoulders to check the cosmic chakras--the right swung wildly the left gave me my signal for a 'no' . Rubbed the cream on the back of my hands, got a little busy with things, but about an hour later, the left chakra was open and swinging...thanks so much and can't wait to use the other two. I will definitely tell my clients about these wonderful creams. And it only took 10 days to get here!!" Nancy.USA
Relates to: Cosmic

"Within about a half hour of applying the Crown Chakra cream it helps me feel more relaxed." P.H Surrey
Relates to: Crown

"This Earth Star Cream really helps my restless ankles to feel normal. it works after only a few minutes. Thank you." JH Portsmouth. UK
Relates to: Earth Star

"I met you and saw your stall a couple of years ago in Brighton at the CAM show. I have been using the heart chakra cream and have had really powerful experiences that have astounded me. I am not otherwise tuned into such forces/energies in my life, but when I use your cream I feel a spiritual fire come over my body, from the heart chakra. It is very beautiful and I sincerely thank you for bringing these gifts to the world."
Relates to: Heart

"Just wanted you to know that since using the Sacral cream I have felt a subtle change for the better which is difficult to put into words. Life still has its challenges but it seems easier to cope somehow and there are more positive outcomes and it has only been a week since I have started to use it." K.R.Devon
Relates to: Sacral

"I have had a wheat intolerance for over 3 years now and it got really bad within six months where even the slightest bit of wheat would cause my body to cramp and I would be in such pain! I tried everything and tried changing my diet but it's hard when you are in a busy job and are constantly having client lunches and dinners. When I met Sarah I was slightly cynical of the creams as I've never known anything like this to work but the Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing Cream is my magic wand! I don't know what I'd do without it. I don't know how it works but it does...! I use the cream day and night and after every big meal and since using it, I haven't had any symptoms - except when it ran out and I was waiting for my new one! I have been recommending it to all - this is amazing! Sarah is amazing!" Suzy Dee Holland, 25 PR Account Director.
Relates to: Solar Plexus

"I really do love your creams and am sure they are helping. I am feeling much more relaxed and happy now. Many thanks for sending them out so promptly. They are wonderfully scented and I am enjoying experimenting, guided by my intuition! Many thanks, they are lovely products " G.E Devon
Relates to: Soul Harmony ToolKit

I just wanted to thank you for the Soul Star Chakra Attuning Cream...Its made my life so much easier...not sure how but it seemed to improve the minute I unscrewed the cap and smelt the cream...even before putting any on I felt more relaxed somehow.More able to cope. Genius! Angela W East Sussex
Relates to: Soul Star

"This is a funny story. My 12-yr old son saw my creams and scoffed, particularly at the ones called "Cosmic", "Soul Star" and "Earth Star." He said, "C'mon, seriously Mom??" So I opened the Star Child jar to let him smell it, and he immediately smiled a HUGE smile and said, "Mmmmm, that smells SO good!!!" He welcomed me putting it on him, and he was eager to smell and use all the others too!!! (I have 8 or 9). He really liked almost all the creams or he couldn't smell them. He cheerfully let me apply them on his wrists!!!! (There was only one that he didn't like, and he thought it was cool that he didn't like/need one). I just had to tell you this story. For a 12-yr old boy to change his attitude so quickly is amazing. Thank you!!!" H.Adams California.
Relates to: Star Child

"This cream really helps my husband lie still at night during sleep, instead of disturbing me whilst acting out his dreams. Thank goodness for a peaceful night. I always know when he has forgotton to apply it!" TA Hants.
Relates to: Stellar Gate

Thank you so much for the beautiful Third Eye cream Sarah. It looks, smells and feels gorgeous and my sinuses are now clear for the first time in months. It happened minutes after applying. Wonderful. I can breathe again! H.G. Wales.
Relates to: Third Eye

"I had a sore throat and a stiff neck, and thought I was going down with something.... I put on some of the Throat Chakra Balancing cream and by next day my neck felt better and the sore throat disappeared! It was truly amazing." MP. Chidham. W Sussex.
Relates to: Throat

"Sarah is committed to healing her clients and growing her own spirituality. She is intuitive and incorporates that in her bodywork. Moreover, she is great fun to be with. Her aromatherapy creams are divine - my personal favourite is the thymus one. She goes from strength to strength." Julie
Relates to: Thymic

"Sarah's healing Chakra synergies and amazing depth of holistic knowledge together with her amazing touch has made me feel balanced, grounded and revitalised after each treatment. I love to use the total balance cream on my clients. I know they will be totally balanced and feeling fantastic if I do so. I am privileged to be able to take my massage to a new dimension by using her chakra synergies in my treatments and therefore helping even more people." C.B Hampton
Relates to: Total Balance

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