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Stock up! Price changes are coming.

seed of life seed of life

We are proud to announce that our prices have remained constant and unchanged since their concept over 22 years as we have managed to absorb all suppliers increases over this time. Not many companies can say this.
However, we have to finally give in and go with the flow.
As from 1/1/19 the following will take effect: 

All chakra and organ balancing and physical support creams:
15ml £15 to £22
50ml £30 to £44

Total Balance Chakra Balancing Cream: 
15ml £35 to £44
50ml £85 to £99

 This is a perfect time to check your stocks and re-order to take full advantage of the lower prices. 

 Sending you all so much love and gratitude. 


Sarah Williams

I discovered the powerful use of essential plant oils after my daughter was born. I have her to thank for redirecting my path and focusing it on professional healing. Now 25years old, she is a great healer herself!  I have learned much and am still learning!

Like many of you, I prefer not to take tablets too often, as they all have side-effects of some sort. I wanted to explore the safer, more natural alternatives for myself and my family. I find them to be more powerful and without the negative effects. Nature provides all we need.

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