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Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams

I discovered the powerful use of essential plant oils after my daughter was born. I have her to thank for redirecting my path and focusing it on professional healing. Now 25years old, she is a great healer herself!  I have learned much and am still learning!

Like many of you, I prefer not to take tablets too often, as they all have side-effects of some sort. I wanted to explore the safer, more natural alternatives for myself and my family. I find them to be more powerful and without the negative effects. Nature provides all we need.

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Raise your Vibration RV7 ( NEW)

23rd & 24th November 2019 £111

Surfing the Waves of Emotion :
Neptune, merbeings and the oceanics.
A multi -dimensional exploration.

We live on MOTHER EARTH,Gaia,a planet made up of mainly water.
The influence of the moon and our local planets and the light of the great central sun focused through the lense of our local star, our sun is affecting and upgrading our dna on a cellular level . We are evolving into unexplored potential in this NOW.
This galactic and inner combination move the oceans creating weather,tides and waves encompassing and affecting ALL life here.
Humans are emotional beings. We are becoming increasingly sensitive and empathic to all that lives. Have you noticed the changes in your preferences recently?
The power, fluidity and strength of this galactic movement is intense and deserving our total respect as any surfer will know!
Our physical bodies are similar as we are mostly water.
Water equates to emotion.
As a race, we humans have yet to explore the depths within our oceans and many secrets will be revealed as we learn to do this.
The oceans form over 2/3 of Mother Earths surface. We have yet to explore physically.
Neptune connects us to our psychic, sensitive and emphatic traits.
Join with like minded beings on a journey to explore the inner depths and the outwards reaches of an aquatic, galactic and emotional journey.
Rediscover your own inner truth and your souls direction from the tiny space of unity,home and the unconditional space within the toroidal field of your own heart space.
Sarah is an experienced multi-dimensional teacher and she now invites you to play awhile in the waters then ANCHOR in and facilitate change in your outer world in complete alignment with the intent of your Higher Self.
Earth journey is governed by free will. MANIFEST and create your perfect reality .
This brand NEW 2 day workshop is long awaited and will be expansive yet inclusive.

Watch this space and the workshops page for booking your unique place. Limited numbers .


The big galactic “Event” March 2019

  • Published in News
  • 29 Mar


The "Event" has been prophesised by our ancestors for 1000's years and occurred on Thursday 21st March 2019. The main dates of evolutionary changes have been throughout 1992, 21st Dec 2012, 28th September 2018 and end of March 2019. Since then NOTHING has been the same for anyone and everyone is being forced to face all their deepest fears. The frequency of light has altered since 28/9/15 when the galactic central suns light connected with us through the lens of our local star (sun).


Prior to this date the light only showed as 7 basic rainbow colours ( similar to the 7 chakra colours ) that have now expanded to at least 12 basic ones and more accurately 22)


I took this picture a few days ago, around the full moon “Event” as a crystal showered light fragments into my room one morning. This last super moon in March was the point that the frequencies of light opened up a gateway corridor to the upper dimensions of the 4th& 5th frequencies (4d and 5d) .


As you can see clearly here, the light has expanded in frequency so now in between the green and the blue there is now an expanded band of magenta , gold , lavender and turquoise which connects to the heart chakra. Also the infra red (below the red) and ultra violet (above the violet) has expanded but this camera is limited to what I can show . This new light is what is changing and upgrading our dna now back to the original 12strand from the downgraded version (Atlantian)that occurred when humanity needed to be closed down to 2 strand 7 chakra  system. This happened because of the shadow side emergence during the darker period of Atlantis when mutilation /cloning experiments were taking place. I am teaching and sharing more on this now in my classes and Raise your Vibration courses and munay ki sharing as my work expands.
We are all simply vibrational beings of light encapsulated in physical vehicles(bodies) which move through many incarnations to return us back to the Source light after polishing up every aspect of our divine diamond blueprint . This happens through schooling in many different “lessons” and opportunities , in many different universes and dimensions including parallel lives, for growth which our souls have all requested and agreed to. Our Soul star chakras hold the higher self knowing of this as is in the Akash. There is more to come on this. I am going to be relocating to Portugal in 2020 but I will never truly “retire” as this is my passion. the creams will continue as they always have done. I have a management/support team in training now and we will always make all the creams by hand with love within sacred space. I will do more online training, readings and consultancy work via Skype, Facetime and WhatsApp. I am simply evolving my practice focus. We are all one.We are all the same, just at different stages of remembering.
Critical consciousness mass globally has been achieved. We are doing well. As a teacher and spiritual guide /mentor, my job is to help the collective through the 4th dimension of karma,time and fear. There are 3 easy and free tools for this which I am constantly sharing with my groups now. The bubble cleanse, the ho'opono and the "3,4,5 breathing practice".
We are best advised to get into nature, breathe, relax and sleep, eat greens and protein and stay hydrated. We must take care of our bodies too. I love yoga, pilates Tai Chi etc.
Much love and munay Sarah



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