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Kinesiology Test Kits

Price: £55.00



The kit includes 32 different products, a range of 16 of the chakra balancing creams ( excluding Soma which can be ordered separately) and 16 organ balancing creams (including Ultimate Stress Relief)  32 x 7ml vials.

These have been testing brilliantly with the body in kinesiology and the kits have been created because of special request by therapists and teachers of kinesiology. Therapists are now building up their own toolkits ( 15/50ml available) and seeing amazing changes in their clients to enhance their treatments.

Therapist Discount: Once a kit has been purchased, and the therapists details have been registered with us, there is a 10% discount code available to the therapist on all products that  they sell on to clients,friends and family. 

 We aim to post directly to your patient/client or your clinic within 2-4 working days.

NB. This product is for professional muscle testing/dowsing only and is not suitable for general use. We do not refil the vials.

 Please contact Sarah on 0844 357 9843 for further details/ordering.


"I am thrilled to have discovered these creams. Two years ago I met Sarah at a health event and she encourage me to try her creams. At first I was sceptical. As a Kinesiology practitioner I muscle test for the correct solutions for my clients health issues, if the body doesn't want it, the item won't test. To my surprise the creams tested positively. I immediately started to use the creams in my clinic and my clients loved them. I also recommend that my students add them into their practice to ensure they are providing a truly whole-istic approach for their clients, as they simply and effectively balance the electro-magnetic energy fields of the body. These creams are a perfect daily solution to keeping the physical and energy body in balance. And if that's not enough they also smell divine!"

Claire Snowden-Darling
Health Practitioner and Kinesiology Lecturer.London UK.