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New course dates March NEWS

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  • 24 Feb

Munay Ki : Upgrade your Luminous Energy Field LIFE CHANGING!
Change the way your live, die, age and heal. The sacred 9 Rites will be transmitted for FREE over a course of 5 sessions.
The suggested energy exchange per session is £40 ( 5 sessions spreading over 2-6 months). The subsequent 4 dates will be agreed by the group on the 1st session. 

The energy exchange covers your manual, admin, Pi stone and continued support from Sarah.  
Groups commencing at Havant, Hants. UK on 

Friday 10th March FULL

Saturday 18th March ( 3 places)

Saturday 30th September ( 6 places)

NEW Raise your Vibration (RV) Healing Journey courses and dates

There are 3 new courses available levels 4-6 which are all priced at £111 for a weekend course. 12 study hours each. these can be taken after you have completed levels 1-3 and may be taken out of sequence as you are called:

RV1 : A Healing journey; 7 chakras.  April 12th/13th  and November  2017 date TBC 

RV2:  The Big Shift; Additional 9 chakras    March 4th /5th and June 3rd/4th and January 2018 date TBC

RV3:  Manifest your Bliss; 3rd Eye/Soma Chakras and Sacred Site  May 6th/ 7th ( full)   and  July 8th/9th

RV4:  Dimensional Shift; Introduction to moving through Dimensions and veils. July 23rd/24th

RV5:  Living in 5D and beyond: Advanced dimensional experience July 29th/30th

RV6:  Stargates and Portals:  Galactic/Universal shifts  September 2nd/3rd

More dates for all courses TBC shortly for 2018


More info on the course pages. The groups are small as Sarah, her higher self and guides will be working closely with the Higher Selves of all participants in a multi-dimensional way. 



Meditation: DNA upgrade and January news

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  • 13 Jan

My first live meditation on 11.1.17 ( 1)  Enabling the DNA upgrade to facilitate your crystalline matrix to integrate more fully at this special time of 111 new beginnings and full moon . It's my first ever live transmission, unscripted, totally channelled, in complete trust, so please forgive any set up bits at the beginning, we were part way through a workshop for the 111 frequencies that I was hosting with Sally Phillips.  Click on the link here..grab a cuppa and relax into the meditation:  Click on following link or copy link into your browser:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pHrNy9HMAjI&t=8s


Sabbatical: We will be on a skeleton staff here at the Organic-Aromatherapy office, between Jan 19th and Feb 12th as we are taking time out on an annual sabbatical retreat, this time in Bali.

Your ORDERS may be a few days longer than usual in reaching you and FREE READINGS may also take longer as I won't be checking in daily. I will return refreshed and ready for 2017. 

So much love and gratitude, Sarah x



BE the ultimate alchemist

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  • 16 Mar

 Raise your Vibration and Munay Ki helping you to dream your NEW world into BEing.

 "Pulling Parallels Into Your Current Reality

The higher you vibrate, the more you become a MASTER again. The more you become a MASTER, the more you have the ability to CREATE your reality at-will. You, as you unify inside, as you allow density (separation) to fall away, the separation of time within you also diminishes, until it no longer exists. The space differential in delay also diminishes an materialization becomes instant as well. Here, you have the ability to actually "pull" another reality, another parallel, into your time. For all realities, all parallels, eventually merge and combine. You may speak, or think and "that" may suddenly (or soon after) appear. This is because it already existed, and your separation in the realities is no longer there. Your ability to pull, is you TUNING and just your REMEMBERING this exists. Just by desiring it, as a human, means that it is a memory already materialized by your "future", higher self version of you. In order to MASTER the ability of materialization, of alchemy, you must come to exist as the unified frequency where "that" already exists too. Then the thought is not one of creation, yet one of what always has been.



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