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Raise Your Vibration Feedback

“I originally learned about the first seven chakras from books and dvds over many years. When I attended Sarah's course I was given a direct experience of each of the first seven chakras in a weekend (through every available sense) I came home feeling as exhilarated as if I had been dancing to my favourite music all weekend. The title of the course 'Raise Your Vibration' is more appropriate than anyone can imagine. Sarah's inclusive, compassionate, thoughtful and generous approach to sharing her knowledge (often with valuable insights from her own healing journey) also didn't go unnoticed. She is (literally) a multi dimensional teacher who talks the talk and walks the walk. Her ability to access and help you access 'higher' information is also extraordinary.Thank you Sarah for the amazing connection you helped me create in my body, mind and spirit which has enabled me to remember (and feel) at a conscious and subconscious level that love and joy is my true nature ... and there are even more depths to be reached.”Jo P.  RV1 2015

"I first crossed paths with Sarah in November 2014 at the Holistic & Mystic Show and we spent some time talking.  I just knew I wanted to spend more time with her and the universe transpired to make it possible for me to attend the Raise Your Vibration course. The course itself was fun, informative and so full of positive energy.  I had the most wonderful weekend in the company of like minded people.  Sarah herself is knowledgeable and extremely inspirational.  Her positivity is infectious!  I am now back on the path I should follow and my energy has completely turned around.  I feel positive, happy and grateful.  I simply cannot wait to do the next two courses.  Thank you Sarah for helping me when I was at my lowest ebb. “ Debbie B.  RV1 2015 

"Thank you so much for a fantastic course. I enjoyed every moment of it. You were interesting, informative, clear and succinct and very gentle. THANK YOU." Rachel C

"Thank you Sarah the workshop was brilliant. We are looking forward to next one in March." R and J Carshalton, Surrey.

"Thank you for such a lovely course last weekend. I knew it would be interesting and was not disappointed. I came away feeling renewed and radiant and looking forward to the next course and the reunion". JM

"I had arranged to see a medium last Monday and as soon as she saw me she said I looked fantastic. I know that I felt it after your weekend and truly feel that my vibration has been raised! The journey home was really easy (no queues) and so came home with the lovely warm feelings I had accumulated. As you mentioned in your email, the people who came were so lovely and it is comforting to find like minded souls and be able to learn about and share these exciting changes. Also, finding Jingles helped to make the weekend comfortable which was important to me as I was staying overnight on my own. Now that I have found such a lovely place, I will feel more relaxed about staying away on my own and can enjoy anything that is happening at your neck of the woods!" Angela. E Sussex.

"A big thank you for the wonderful weekend we had. It was soo interesting and I could see the changes happening with my son and mum before my eyes. We met such a lovely group of people and it was a fantastic energy all weekend. You are such a knowledgeable lady Sarah - WOW. We have signed up for the re-union in November and look forward to it. We would also like to put our names down for the March workshop please. I thank you again Sarah and look forward to seeing you in November." Maria. East Sussex

"Thank you for such a lovely weekend. I met some beautiful people. Annie"

"Thank you for a fabulous weekend, I cant wait for the next! The photo is amazing, and even my girls are slightly being convinced that there is something in orbs!!! an added bonus to the course for me. I am fascinated by them and to me they make all this more real. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Angela"

"The orbs are brilliant! lots of lovely energy around. Sandra"

"I was overwhelmed by how upset I felt - it was very unexpected. I think I also had some unexpressed grief I was unaware of which came to the surface. However, I'm aware that this is stuff which all need to come out. I also feel pretty low today so it's reassuring to hear this is an ongoing process. I would like to book onto the advanced course in March please. ****"

"I really did enjoy the course and got a lot out of it. Thank you. I felt absolutely shattered yesterday when we got home but today I feel much better. I look forward to meeting up again with you and the rest of our Light family on the next course. The pictures are amazing with the orbs. Terry"

"I need to tell you how much I enjoyed the weekend, it was powerful stuff. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my body. Kate"

"Many thanks for a great weekend. I really enjoyed the course and can't wait to come back to do the advanced one next month! Jo"

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