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Current Body Changes as we evolve further (and remaining compliant )

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  • 25 May

Please note that we are staying compliant with the new privacy guidelines from 25/5/18.



Ascension symptoms currently include: Dizziness, sight, taste and hearing changes(buzzing in ears, "popped" ears), depression, mood swings depression/tears/laughter, fears arising, crazy dreams, sleep pattern changes, tiredness, body shape/weight changes, deep irritations/ clunking and grinding at base of skull, thoracic pain, old symptoms re-arising from older illnesses or imbalance as we move through old layers ( physical and karmic), heart palpations, temperature changes within body, digestive changes, old patterns falling away ( friends, tastes, dietary preferences etc).  

Our evolving bodies need support. This includes the physical , emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. All advise each other like Russian nesting dolls. 


So much is changing structurally during this period of moon in Taurus and influenced heavily by Uranus, bringing structural changes to everything in our awareness.
This includes planet Earth, techtonic plates, weather, politics,banking systems, health and social care, education, technology in fact absolutely everything not least the cellular structure of our own bodies, lifestyle , friend and diet choices and emotions.
We are attracting situations to us that will have us face our greatest inner demons and choose whether to face them or run. If we run then we will have to face them later so for my part I will be doing it now!

I am using all my creams daily and if I don’t have time to apply them all then I am focusing on Soma chakra, alta major, soul star,  nervous system support and the organ balancing creams. 


These current major shifts in our world include major organs physically evolving and moving within our bodies. Hence we are releasing emotions surrounding these organs now. 

Key currently are those energies of the liver,gall bladder, pancreas and spleen and kidney energy within the body and these are some reasons that we need to specifically support these areas as we evolve from homo sapiens ( carbon based) to homo luminous( crystalline/silica) beings, raising our vibrations and evolving into our higher aspects. 


The organ balancing creams are a perfect and easy solution to maintaining a healthy balance allowing the body to heal and restore itself efficiently. They are filled with therapeutic highest grade essential oils and made by hand with love by me, Sarah Williams at Organic-aromatherapy in England, the heart chakra. centre of our beautiful planet Earth. 


Simply applying a pea sized amount to the back of each hand will balance these specific areas within 2/5 minutes and bring healing potential immediately as the essential oils are absorbed by the blood and transported to the correct area of our bodies. 


Liver : 

The liver is an amazing organ which can literally totally regenerate itself even if 75% has been surgically removed!

It is known the powerhouse of the body, producing many of the hormones that we need for balanced homeostasis. 

Imbalance:suppressed anger, frustration,jealousy and depression 

Balance:positives emotions ;kindness, compassion and benevolence;

Regenerates 1am-3am





Imbalance:suppressed worry, overthinking, obsessiveness,regret,moodiness 

Cleans the blood . Connected to the energy of the pancreas as well as the liver. A symbolic bridge. 

Balance: Positive emotions : trust , honesty, acceptance. 

Regenerates 9am-11am


Pancreas: Emotional issues with mothering and ability to give and receive the “sweetness of life” and relates to anxiety and restlessness.

Balance brings positive feelings related to receiving love and improved self esteem. 

 Regenerates 9am-regenerates 9am-11am



Gall bladder: 

Imbalance: suppressed bitterness, depression

Balance: joy,eases decision making, good judgement 

Regenerates 11pm-1am




The kidneys are really THE key and most fundamental of all now as they hold suppressed fear which is what we are experiencing as they move downwards and reduce in size within our bodies, squishing out all old fears and moving them into our awareness. 

Imbalance: suppressed fear/terror

Balance: courage, forward movement, joy, bliss, love, freedom and light hearted-ness 

Regenerates 5-7pm







Sarah Williams and the Chakra Balancing Creams and vibrational healing tools will be at the following events:


Sunday 28th April: Felpham Serenity Fayres. 12-5pm Holistic, Spiritual Pamper and Crafts, café, £3 entry Felpham Community Hall, Meadon Way, Felpham PO22 8FA. Contact Chris Warden  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. In support of Cancerwise.

Saturday 11th May: Alton Psychic & Holistic Fair. 10am-5pm. Mediumship, Tarot, Angel & Oracle Card Readings, Psychic Surgery, Soul Readings, Holistic Therapies, Healing, Reiki, etc. Alton Community Centre, Amery Street, Alton, GU34 1HN. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 01420 85057.

Sunday 12th May: Hassocks Spiritual~Holistic & Psychic Fayre. 10am-5pm. FREE Entry. FREE talks & meditations. Lots to see and do. All day café. Adastra Hall, Keymer Road, Hassocks, BN6 8QH. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Saturday 18th May: Warsash Mind, Body & Spirit Fair. 10am-5pm Victory Hall, 27 Warsash Rd, Southampton SO31 9HW. Contact Neshla Avey 07707 264356

Sunday 19th May: Waterlooville Violet Flame Mind Body Spirit Fayre. 1pm - 5pm. £3 entry. FREE talks/workshops, healing therapies, crystals, clothing, essential oils, vegan skin care and other spiritual unique and hand made items. Merchistoun Hall, 106 Portsmouth Road, Horndean, Waterlooville, PO8 9LJ. Contact Ruth Wilkinson 07783 181137Thursday  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thursday 23rd May: Havant  2-4pm  Essential oil CLASS with Sarah. Booking essential 02392 453204 / 07710 994432 Come along and learn more about the safe and effective uses of essential oils for you, family household and also nutrition. £5 

Saturday 1st June: Southampton SoulFest 2.0 | A Yoga & Lifestyle Celebration. 10am - 7.30pm. Experience a vast array of yoga classes, complimentary workshops and thought provoking talks from an authentic and inspiring array of teachers. Indulge in a Massage, Ayurvedic Treatments, Reiki or simply shop the stalls and relax with a picnic in the grounds. Rownhams House, Rownhams, Southampton, SO16 8LS. Tickets: www.lauragreenyoga.co.uk

Sunday 9th June: Chessington The Big Purple Psychic & Holistic Fair. 10am-4pm. £3 entry. FREE talks/workshops. Clairvoyants, psychics, tarot, and angel card readers. Reiki, pranic, crystal, dolphin, angelic reiki and spiritual healing. Jewellery, skin care and other holistic retailers. Chessington School, Garrison Lane, Chessington, KT9 2JS. www.psychicandholistic.co.uk

Saturday 15th June: Burley Sound & Soul Holistic Fayre. 10am-4pm. Come and join us for the day and meet a wide range of holistic practitioners; try some natural organic products; and attend some workshops. There will be a variety of stalls, real soup for soul and a mind, body and spiritual experience. Learn new techniques to overcome life's challenges or relax and enjoy the atmosphere with like-minded, wonderful people. There will be yummy snacks and delicious drinks available. Burley Village Hall, Pound Lane, Burley, BH24 4EB. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sunday 7th July: Bournemouth Spiritual Holistic Fayre. 10.30am-4.30pm. FREE entry. Try a range of different holistic therapies, beauty and readings, from stalls offering affordable tasters. Families and children welcome. Kinson Community Centre, Pelhams Park, Millhams Road, Kinson, Bournemouth, BH10 7LH. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Saturday 13th July: Worthing Mind, Body, Spirit for Macmillan. 10.00am-4.00pm. £3 entry. A beautiful day with an array of exhibitors, therapists and healers for you to enjoy. Life coaching, talks, crystals, tarot cards, Reiki and all things for you to feed your soul. Café open for refreshments throughout the day. FREE talks. The Charmandean, Forest Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN14 9HS. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.      

More 2019 events being announced shortly.

Please note that the Raise your Vibration courses will be the last running here in UK. There are 7 available levels now. Contact Sarah for more information 07710 994432


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