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Raise your Vibration RV7 (NEW): Surfing the Waves of Emotion

23rd & 24th November 2019 £111

Neptune, merbeings and the oceanics.
A multi-dimensional exploration.

We live on MOTHER EARTH, Gaia, a planet made up of mainly water.
The influence of the moon and our local planets and the light of the Great Central Sun focused through the lens of our local star, our sun is affecting and upgrading our DNA on a cellular level. We are evolving into unexplored potential in this NOW.

This galactic and inner combination move the oceans creating weather, tides and waves encompassing and affecting ALL life here.

Humans are emotional beings. We are becoming increasingly sensitive and empathic to all that lives. Have you noticed the changes in your preferences recently?
The power, fluidity and strength of this galactic movement is intense and deserving our total respect as any surfer will know!
Our physical bodies are similar as we are mostly water.
Water equates to emotion.

As a race, we humans have yet to explore the depths within our oceans and many secrets will be revealed as we learn to do this.
The oceans form over 2/3 of Mother Earth's surface. We have yet to explore physically.
Neptune connects us to our psychic, sensitive and emphatic traits.

Join with like-minded beings on a journey to explore the inner depths and the outward reaches of an aquatic, galactic and emotional journey.
Rediscover your own inner truth and your soul's direction from the tiny space of unity, home and the unconditional space within the toroidal field of your own heart space.

Sarah is an experienced multi-dimensional teacher and she now invites you to play awhile in the waters then ANCHOR in and facilitate change in your outer world in complete alignment with the intent of your Higher Self.

Earth journey is governed by free will. MANIFEST and create your perfect reality.
This brand NEW 2-day workshop is long awaited and will be expansive yet inclusive.

Click here to book your unique place. Limited numbers.

£40 deposit holds your place (non-refundable). Full payment due by Friday 25th October 2019.


Sarah Williams

I discovered the powerful use of essential plant oils after my daughter was born. I have her to thank for redirecting my path and focusing it on professional healing. Now 25years old, she is a great healer herself!  I have learned much and am still learning!

Like many of you, I prefer not to take tablets too often, as they all have side-effects of some sort. I wanted to explore the safer, more natural alternatives for myself and my family. I find them to be more powerful and without the negative effects. Nature provides all we need.

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