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Céline Cloutier ~ Canadian Forest Tree essences Présidente & Co-Fondatrice ~ Essences des arbres du Canada 

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Canadian Forest Tree essences Présidente & Co-Fondatrice ~ Essences des arbres du Canada 


Mary Atkinson


Author and complementary therapist. Mary runs short courses on different aspects of working with people in cancer and palliative care. She also runs diploma level courses in Indian Head Massage - the Western Way.


Lucy Setters


Lucy has been studying and working with Tarot for over 25 years. In addition to readings, either face to face, online or by telephone, she delivers individual tuition in Tarot, Tarot workshops and runs regular psychic development circles. She is also available to work at private parties and corporate events. Lucy runs corporate workshops on developing and using intuition in the workplace

Essential Oils

Hermitage Oils


Suppliers of medical grade essential oils. Established since 1979, customers include NHS trusts, Royal Schools for the Deaf, Therapists and many home enthusiasts.


Oils and Plants


Oils and Plants - The Aromatherapy and Herbal Health Website
Essential Oil and Herb profiles, recipes, remedies, and so much more.




This is a wonderful way to heal and works beautifully alongside my chakra /organ balancing creams. Essentially the flower formulas are collections of essences, sold in tablet form, made from living flowers and plants which when combined resonate on an accurate and particular frequency. They are not accidental mixtures of flowers and over the course of years of research they have been refined to a point where each formula has been targeted to regulate specific cellular systems in a very accurate manner.




Caduceus is an independent quarterly journal, published since 1986, which focuses on all aspects of healing - physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, ecological and environmental.


Kindred Spirit


The UK's leading guide for mind, body and spirit.


Rare moments photography


Get some beautiful shots from a warm compassionate artist.


Kate Dean is a wonderful medium with whom I work closely. She offers readings with automatic writing, meditation workshops and has a range of highly charged crystals for sale. To find out more and see some of her work visit http://www.katedeanmediumship.com/

Retreat Venues


Workshop Venues

Bosham House


The Hamblin Trust operates from Bosham House, West Sussex and is set in three acres of lovely grounds.


Earthlife Health and Wellbeing Centre


A tranquil oasis on the Thames the heart of west London


 Laceys Yard, High Street Chesham, Bucks. UK HP5 1BU     http://www.laceysyard.co.uk/

General Healing Websites

Alternative Cancer Treatments


Envita has programs that provide a cutting-edge approach to cancer treatment by bridging the best of what is available in both the oncological and natural fields for the most comprehensive alternative cancer treatments.


Cystitus and bladder infections


Anyone who has ever had a urinary tract infection knows that horrible feeling that grabs you down low and cramps you up in pain. And it always happens at the most inconvenient times. It can be very embarrassing. It can ruin your life, not to mention your sex life. And it can be real agony. Using Waterfall D-Mannose is simple, foolproof, and our users say it works better than any antibiotic for E.coli, and doesn't have nasty side effects. It is a very pure grade product, extracted from sweet forest timbers.All natural,no fillers.


Do The Green Thing


Seven things we can all do to help the planet.




Masses of worldwide information on healing and holistic therapy


Holistic Heartbeat


More holistic information and help finding a practitioner in your area


Holistic Shop


All your holistic shopping needs can be met here.


Improve your planet


Natural cleaning products for the home....an alternative to the chemical based cleaning products which are collectively harming our environment. Useful information.




More Reiki provides Free Distant Healing. And information, articles and books on Reiki, Tai Chi, Yoga and other


Natural Healing Centre


Counselling and reiki in Surrey with a wonderful therapist.


One Heals One


More valuable information on the chakras...


seventh heaven


Annie Whittaker is a Shamanic Practitioner and teacher of Spiritual development.On her journey she has discovered how important it is to have certain spiritual tools to aid her work, so she now offers a selection of Spiritual gifts for you and your loved ones to use along your path.


Star Child


Information on the indigo and crystal souls that have been coming to this planet/plane since the end of World War 2




Applied Kinesiology was discovered in 1964. Dr. George Goodheart D.C., an American chiropractor was using some of the standard Kinesiological muscle tests to assess muscle function on a patient, and was intrigued by some of the apparently inconsistent results he was getting.

This began a systematic period of brilliant research which led him to discover the correlation between the lymphatic system, the muscles, and Chapman's reflexes. Then working with Bennett's reflexes, he discovered the connections between these points which stimulate vascular flow and each muscle.

Then he turned his attention to body energy flow as explained by Chinese acupuncturists. This was a really amazing breakthrough, as never before in the West had the meridians of acupuncture been integrated with our physical understanding of anatomy and physiology.

Applied Kinesiology has become the fastest growing natural approach to rectifying health problems. Thousands of chiropractors in the States are using it. Many of whom are dedicated members of the International College of Applied Kinesiology, who in addition to their five years training, are also required to do extensive post-graduate work, and produce original research papers to qualify for diplomat status in the College. This has resulted in much new information being made available to practitioners in the natural health care arena.

In this country, many physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, physical therapists, masseurs and some doctors are using Applied Kinesiological techniques. They achieve unusually quick results with many problems which previously resisted all attempts to gain relief by traditional methods.

The Soul Harmony creams are recommended by the academy to all their students as balancing tools as they test so well with the body.


The Organic Home


What we put into our bodies, and what we put onto our bodies, and what we use around us in our homes all have an effect on our lives, health and well-being, and ultimately an effect ion all those around us, and indeed the entire world.


Amanda Ellis


Learn all about Colour Therapy, and how the colours of the chakras are changing. Discover 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional colours which reveal your life path, present experience and future opportunities. Amanda is a leading teacher and practitioner of the Colour Mirrors Energy Healing system. She is also a guide and coach to those wanting to learn about and incorporate Archangel Metatrons energy into your life. She offers attunments to his energy, and is currently writing a book on this, and her colour teaching.


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